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Waferz Spliff Pen + Vape v2 - Strawberry Russian Cream.png

Waferz Spliff Vape Pen


The spliff pen showcases Waferz hard-hitting live resin, extracted from fresh frozen flower that is cultivated to express a distinct fruit-based aromatic profile blended with a deep, smooth tobacco flavor naturally found in cannabis. The result is a rich and sweet vaping experience, reminiscent of puffing on a Nicaraguan (tropical/fruity) cigar while experiencing the classic high Waferz strains are recognized for.

The Waferz Strawberry Russian Cream Spliff pen ties together the classic creamy and decadent Strawberry Mimosa live resin profile with a smooth, roasted tobacco: a bold and complex fusion made to satisfy any palette.

Find this product below. 

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