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Waferz Spliff Pen + Vape v2 - Vanilla Honey Berry.png

Waferz Spliff Vape Pen


Introducing the Spliff pen by Waferz, a pinnacle of luxury vaping, showcasing their signature live resin extracted from meticulously cultivated fresh frozen flowers. With a velvety blend of sweet vanilla, rich honey, and a whisper of vibrant berries, the Vanilla Honey Berry flavor promises an exquisite experience. Its scent evokes a sweet and creamy berry parfait, while each draw offers a serene and uplifting sensation, gently enveloping users in a wave of calm.


Coupled with the deep, smooth tobacco flavor inherent in cannabis, the result is a rich and sweet vaping experience reminiscent of indulging in a tropical Nicaraguan cigar. Waferz's renowned classic high is seamlessly intertwined with this flavorful fusion.

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