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Triple Infused Blunts

The Waferz Triple Infused Blunt is a premium cannabis experience, crafted from top-tier indoor-grown cannabis flower. This product is enhanced with a dual blend of diamond extracts: one crushed, the other liquid, both derived from California-grown, fresh-frozen cannabis. It's then coated with a layer of high-quality, solvent-free hash for an unmatched potency. Each blunt is carefully wrapped in a superior hemp blunt wrap, chosen for its exceptional flavor profile and ability to burn slowly and evenly, enhancing your smoking session. The iconic Waferz W on the blunt band signifies Waferz's dedication to maintaining a

high standard of quality, assuring you of its certified excellence. Completing this luxurious offering, a custom-made 8mm wafer glass tip ensures a smooth, consistent draw down to the

last puff, elevating your experience to the highest echelon of satisfaction.

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