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Waferz Lites emerges from the lush, organic terrains at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Rough and Ready, California, a testament to the unparalleled excellence of sun-

grown cannabis. Cultivated with care on our eco-friendly farm, our cannabis thrives under the

nurturing rays of the sun, resulting in a product that not only surpasses the potency of many indoor-grown flower brands, with its elevated THC levels but also boasts a richer, more diverse

terpene profile. This small-batch, sun-kissed cannabis encapsulates the essence of purity and potency, offering a full-spectrum experience that is both high in quality and friendly to your budget. Waferz Lites stands as a proud celebration of sun-grown superiority, delivering an exceptional product that marries affordability with the luxurious richness of California's finest,

naturally nurtured cannabis.

Available in: 3.5 grams and 14 grams.

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